Business Phone Solutions

Voice over internet protocol also known as VoIP is digital phone services over the internet. Businesses that switch to digital voice platform experience more features than analog phone systems. VoIP solutions provide HD call quality, reliable services, advanced voicemail features and voice to SMS services. This ensures you do not miss a call or message from your clients. PC Solutions will evaluate your current ISP speeds for compatibility with these services.

Features & Local Support

VoIP services through PC Solutions offers advanced features including auto attendant automation, call queue to make sure you don’t miss a call, call logging, voicemail to email and other features. Contact PC Solutions for a list of all the features we can implement for your phone services.

  • Reduce Your Costs – Less Up Front, Less Over Time
  • Improve Your Communications – Streamline your communications for increased productivity
  • Protect Your Business – Business Continuity protects your business and keeps everything working in the event of an outage, accident, or natural disaster.
  • Future Proof – Seize today with our technology—built from the ground up for your success today, tomorrow, and any day after that.

PC Solutions works closely with your internet provider to ensure there is a stable internet connection for the phone system. PC Solutions offers monthly services* based on the number of phones and features desired because finding a reliable, affordable phone system for your business should not break the bank. *Monthly rate plus local, state, and federal taxes. Term contract required. PC Solutions is a fully compliant telecom provider.