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Newly developing technologies and changing company models are making it increasingly difficult to implement IT strategically. Now more than ever, it’s vital that your business maintains comprehensive and robust IT practices tailored to improving your business operations. PC Solutions works with you to design and deploy solutions that fit your budget, improve your company’s efficiency and assist in your growth – now and far into the future. When you leverage our IT consulting services, you gain a partner who brings professional expertise and proven success.

IT Consulting Services We Offer:

Project Management

Whether your organization is growing into a new office space or leveraging new software, our team of experts helps you navigate through the fog and avoid common pitfalls. We’ll assist you in setting and adhering to project goals, milestones and more.

IT Budgeting

Whatever the size of your business, you don’t have funds to waste on solutions that don’t work for you. We collaborate with you to determine an IT budget that makes sense for your needs and stick to your budget when choosing the right products and services for you.

Strategic Planning

Developing a plan for the future of your business helps you make the most intelligent technology decisions possible. We use your goals and vision to create a roadmap and recommend solutions that will scale with you as your business expands and evolves.

Vendor Management

Juggling multiple hardware and software vendors can be a challenge – you’re never sure who to call or if you’re getting the right product for the right price. We manage technology vendors on your behalf to simplify the buying process and tackle any problems.

What Do You Get with
IT Consulting Services?


We bring our combined decades of IT experience to each client for successful projects and implementations.

Smarter Investments

We design technology solutions to help meet current business goals, and keep scalability in mind for future growth.

Best-in-Class Products

When choosing new hardware or software, we can offer unbiased suggestions based on prior experience.

A Focus on Growth

Our ultimate goal – to help your business thrive and grow – dictates everything we do for your business.

Explore Our Other Technology

What keeps you up at night? Productivity? Cyberattacks? Guidance? Maybe it’s all of the above. No matter the question, PC Solutions has the answer. Our services touch every part of your technology infrastructure, giving you a comprehensive strategy to get more out of your IT. We’ll help you improve your productivity, defeat the common causes of downtime, and develop a roadmap to ensure that your technology holds up to your long-term goals. Explore our solutions below to find the right fit for your business:

Managed IT Services

Running your business requires the lion’s share of your time and energy. If you find it impossible to keep up with technology maintenance and changes – or you only think about your IT when something goes wrong – we take on the full burden of managing your technology. 

Security Solutions

Cyber threats are pervasive and ever-evolving, and combatting them takes a multi-layered strategy that’s constantly updated. PC Solutions secures your computers, servers, network, email, mobile devices and more with best-in-class security software and around-the-clock monitoring.

Network Solutions

Your network is the foundation of your technology infrastructure – if it fails, everything else fails with it. We design and build new networks or strengthen existing ones for peak performance, ensuring that the rest of your technology lives up to its potential.


Reliable, convenient communication with your team and customers is crucial to business success. Our VoIP phone system solutions give you HD call quality, greater mobility and advanced calling features so your team is always ready to close the deal and provide a great client experience.

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