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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a hosted digital phone service delivered over the Internet. Our telecommunication platform delivers HD call quality, more reliable support and greater mobility over traditional analog phone systems. VoIP phone systems improve productivity by enhancing your communication with employees, prospects and customers. Hosting your phone system in the cloud makes it a snap to scale without investing in additional hardware. With features like conference bridges, music on hold and auto-attendant, you can enjoy an enterprise-level phone solution even on a small business budget.

VoIP Phone System Services We Offer:

Premium Calling

VoIP phone systems offer a clear, consistent connection – helping your team collaborate more smoothly and improving your customer experience. No matter where your team is working, they can make and receive high-quality calls for peak business operation.

Advanced Voicemail

Being out of the office doesn’t have to mean losing a sale. The advanced transcription technology built into our VoIP platform records voice messages and sends them via SMS and email to ensure you don’t miss any important business messages.

Auto Attendant

Handling a high volume of calls or directing calls outside of business hours can take a toll on small and medium-sized businesses. We offer auto attendant solutions to help you direct prospects and customers to exactly what they need, when they need it.

Hosted E-Fax

Traditional fax machines require dedicated lines and expensive hardware. With hosted e-fax, you can send and receive faxes from your email system. It’s as simple as attaching a document and hitting send, without hidden maintenance, upgrade and expansion costs.

What Do You Get with a VoIP Phone System?

Reduced Costs

VoIP phone systems require less onsite equipment, less maintenance and a minimal upfront investment.

Enhanced Mobility

Call forwarding allows remote employees (or those temporarily offsite) to receive calls on mobile devices.

Customizable Flows

We offer customizable ring flows to ensure that your clients reach the right person the first time.

Responsive Support

If you encounter an issue with your VoIP phone system, we’re on hand with local service and support.

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