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Protecting your data and infrastructure is key to maximizing your uptime, using your resources wisely and safeguarding the reputation of your business. Cybersecurity is a top priority at PC Solutions because we understand that a single attack or breach can cause serious damage to your operations. We take a multi-layered approach when designing and implementing security defenses for your infrastructure. Gain peace of mind knowing that your network, computers, mobile devices, email and more are fully protected on all fronts.

Managed Security Services We Offer:

Network Security

We protect your network with enterprise-grade firewalls appliances, next-gen antivirus and anti-exploit software, server protection and monitoring, and user training for a comprehensive, customized defense against established and emerging cyber threats.

Email Security

Today’s email threats are constantly evolving, and malicious messages and files look more and more benign. We offer protection against spam, viruses, phishing and other attacks, plus secure email archiving and auditing for outbound and inbound messages.

Mobile Device Security

Unsecured mobile devices are prime targets for data breaches. Our mobile device security solutions shield your confidential business data with web filtering, anti-malware protection and remote management across all major mobile platforms.

Compliance Audits

Failure to comply with federal regulations leads to a damaged reputation, potential legal problems and steep noncompliance fines. PC Solutions conducts proactive compliance audits to ensure continuous compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and FDCC.

What Do You Get with
Managed Security Services?

Employee Training

The best strategy can be undone by a user’s mistake. We minimize those risks with proper training.

Standard Policies

We establish standardized security policies based on your needs and best practices in the industry.

Custom Solutions

We scale our security appliances to your organization’s size and needs to guarantee proper network performance.

Automatic Response

Our security solutions automatically coordinate defensive measures for the fastest response to a breach or attack.

Explore Our Other Technology

What keeps you up at night? Productivity? Cyberattacks? Guidance? Maybe it’s all of the above. No matter the question, PC Solutions has the answer. Our services touch every part of your technology infrastructure, giving you a comprehensive strategy to get more out of your IT. We’ll help you improve your productivity, defeat the common causes of downtime, and develop a roadmap to ensure that your technology holds up to your long-term goals. Explore our solutions below to find the right fit for your business:

Managed IT Services

Running your business requires the lion’s share of your time and energy. If you find it impossible to keep up with technology maintenance and changes – or you only think about your IT when something goes wrong – we take on the full burden of managing your technology.

IT Consulting

Old technology becomes obsolete, new technologies emerge, and you’re constantly left questioning which solutions are worthwhile, and which are a waste of resources. We help you develop a strategy for the present and future of your technology so that you can make smarter IT investments. 

Network Solutions

Your network is the foundation of your technology infrastructure – if it fails, everything else fails with it. We design and build new networks or strengthen existing ones for peak performance, ensuring that the rest of your technology lives up to its potential.


Reliable, convenient communication with your team and customers is crucial to business success. Our VoIP phone system solutions give you HD call quality, greater mobility and advanced calling features so your team is always ready to close the deal and provide a great client experience.

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