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If your shipments have ever been lost or delayed because of failed tracking or poor communication, you know how important technology is to a successful business. PC Solutions offers logistics IT solutions designed to help you stay informed and in control every step of the way. Whether you’re sharing time-sensitive files via Office 365 or jumping onto a clear, reliable VoIP conference call, you can keep your team on the same page and manage potential hiccups before they become costly. We also provide project management and consulting services so that you can grow confidently, knowing your technology is supporting your operations.

Logistics IT Solutions We Offer:

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 features the productivity tools your team already knows and loves – made better. The cloud-based applications are available on any device, at any time, giving you the ultimate mobility and flexibility to upload, edit and share files whenever and wherever you find yourself working.

Project Management

Whether your organization is growing into a new office space or leveraging new software, our team of experts helps you navigate through the fog and avoid common pitfalls. We’ll assist you in setting and adhering to project goals, milestones and more.

Vendor Management

Juggling multiple hardware and software vendors can be a challenge – you’re never sure who to call or if you’re getting the right product for the right price. We manage technology vendors on your behalf to simplify the buying process and tackle any problems.

Disaster Recovery

Losing mission-critical data in a disaster can have a devastating impact on your business. PC Solutions offers IT solutions and designs disaster recovery plans to help logistics companies stay fully supported 24/7, giving you better peace of mind.

What Do You Get with
Logistics IT Solutions?

Better Communication

Our cloud-based communication solutions allow you to easily find out statuses and provide updates.

High Availability

Maximizing your system and network uptime means improved response times with your partners and for your clients.

Single-Touch Service

Instead of calling dozens of vendors to get quotes or resolve an issue, you only have to make one call to us.

Employee Mobility

Your “office” can mean the country – or the world. We make it easy to work from any location, day or night.

Explore Our Other Industry IT Services

Whether you coordinate patients or volunteers, oversee bank accounts or supply chains, serve customers looking to have fun or people searching for help, one thing never changes – your need for a reliable IT services company and solutions that work just as hard as you do. We work with businesses across a variety of industries, leveraging decades of experience and continuing training to identify and resolve the biggest problems facing your particular business. Our team gives you the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition and provide an exceptional customer experience every single time.


Healthcare When you’re treating a high volume of patients or facing a critical situation, there’s no time to run down files or wait for a buffering download. We help healthcare businesses access and share data quickly with high-speed connections and keep patient information confidential.

Construction & Engineering

You need reliable technology solutions to successfully move projects from one phase to the next. PC Solutions helps you communicate securely between the office and the field, access files from anywhere around the clock, and prevent data loss with consistent backups.

Financial Services

Financial services companies are among the largest targets for data thieves. We secure your network, email, mobile devices and more for end-to-end protection, as well as keeping you compliant with federal regulations to avoid fines and other damages.

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