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Technology is at the heart of every healthcare innovation – to offer high-quality, innovative care, you need an IT infrastructure that can keep up with your workload. PC Solutions offers a host of solutions to support the efficiency and security of your medical office. To ensure that critical patient files are protected and ready to retrieve, even in the case of a breach or power outage, we provide backup services that prioritize your most urgent, mission-critical data. We also design and deploy a comprehensive security defense to protect against cyber threats and help you achieve HIPAA compliance. Every patient deserves your full focus – let us handle the behind-the-scenes tasks that keep everything running.

Healthcare IT Solutions We Offer:

Cloud & Offsite Backup

PC Solutions’ cloud and offsite backup solutions provide secure data storage, ensuring that you won’t lose important information in the event of a natural disaster, power outage or other catastrophes. For clients who choose not to host their data in the cloud, we also offer multisite and offsite backup solutions.

Network Security

We protect your network with enterprise-grade firewalls appliances, next-gen antivirus and anti-exploit software, server protection and monitoring, and user training for a comprehensive, customized defense against established and emerging cyber threats.

Compliance Audits

Failure to comply with federal regulations leads to a damaged reputation, potential legal problems and steep noncompliance fines. PC Solutions conducts proactive compliance audits to ensure continuous compliance with HIPAA and other data privacy statutes.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is designed to allow your practice to move through adverse events with faster response because we’ve helped pre-plan for various scenarios. We help design and implement the right disaster recovery plan and IT security policies to keep you HIPAA compliant.

What Do You Get with
Healthcare IT Solutions?

Data Confidentiality

Patients trust you to protect their sensitive personal and medical data – our solutions make security the default.

Hassle-Free Compliance

We help you establish and follow compliance procedures for HIPAA and other relevant regulations.

Strengthened Reputation

A strong infrastructure helps you earn a reputation for secure data practices and first-class customer care.

Business Continuity

No matter what kind of disaster your business faces, critical data will always be safe and easily recoverable.

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