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You can’t afford to be tied to a desk when the action is out in the field. PC Solutions offers flexible engineering and construction IT solutions that enable clear, uninterrupted communication between your home base and wherever your projects take you. We help you leverage mobile devices like smartphones and tablets just like you would a desktop monitor or landline phone system. That means secure email, advanced call forwarding and the ability to access, edit and share documents on the go. Plus, we manage your hardware and software vendors, so you only have to make one call when you need help – leaving you more time to build your business.

Engineering & Construction Solutions We Offer:

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 features the productivity tools your team already knows and loves – made better. The cloud-based applications are available on any device, at any time, giving you the ultimate mobility and flexibility to upload, edit and share files whenever and wherever you find yourself working.

Mobile Device Management

Gain control, insight and security with our mobile device management system. PC Solutions helps you standardize deployment for mobile devices and remotely manage sensitive business information with data access and app controls. We support Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Vendor Management

Juggling multiple hardware and software vendors can be a challenge – you’re never sure who to call or if you’re getting the right product for the right price. We manage technology vendors on your behalf to simplify the buying process and tackle any problems.

Advanced Voicemail

Being out of the office doesn’t have to mean losing a sale. The advanced transcription technology built into our VoIP platform records voice messages and sends them via SMS and email to ensure you don’t miss any important business messages.

What Do You Get with
Engineering & Construction IT Solutions?

Greater Flexibility

Use your mobile device for anytime, anywhere access to business calls, emails and documents.

Data Security

Greater access can mean greater risk, but we protect your data with battle-tested security solutions.

Boosted Communication

Connect your employees and get real-time status updates with our fast, cloud-based tools.

Simple Assistance

Skip the headache of calling dozens of vendors to get help. Call us, and we’ll handle the rest.

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